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Winsher True-Born Match Ball


Winsher True Born Football is a superb ball for Matches and a High quality training ball. With Winsher’s revolutionary Hyperseam Technology the Ultimatch Range provides superior control and accuracy. Thermo Fusion PU Soccer ball.


Hand stitched and individually crafted Soccer Ball.

Directional Control
Directional Control

Consistent and steady ball trajectory.

Optimum Bounce
Optimum Bounce

Precise sphericity adds to true bounce.

Air Retention
Air Retention

Butyl latex bladder for lasting air pressure.

Winsher True Born Match Soccer Ball
Winsher True Born Match Soccer Ball
Winsher True Born Match Soccer Ball
Cover Material

White PU

Backing Foam

High Quality Foam


Polyester Thread Wound Rubber bladde


68.0 – 70.0 cm


12 pannel, MS with Advance Patented Technology

Ball Category

Match Quality soccer ball


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