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Supernova Training Ball


Winsher Supernova Traning Match Ball – moulded basketball.

Constructed with a durable coloured rubber cover with grain emboss and full ball pebbling for added grip and control, the Winsher basketball is the perfect outdoor ball for shooting hoops like your heroes in the backyard or playground.

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WINSHER Supernova Official Match Ball

Moulded and individually crafted Basketball.

Directional Control
Directional Control

Consistent and steady ball trajectory.

Optimum Bounce
Optimum Bounce

Precise sphericity adds to true bounce.

Air Retention
Air Retention

Butyl latex bladder for lasting air pressure.

Winsher Sports Super Nova Training Ball



Natural rubber bladder for air retention, Rubber cover material

Playing Surface

Designed for outdoor play

Inflation Guide

8 psi


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